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Cynex IT solutions and Consult

Cynex IT solutions and Consult is a business who provides a broad array of IT services and solutions to organisations throughout Ghana. We work with small and medium sized organisations, allowing businesses to get the most out of cloud computing, negating the need for disaster recovery,CCTV installation,website designing and ensuring network  and it security is running at upmost maximum 24/7. We are known to provide bespoke and tailored solutions to businesses.


Each company is unique. The One-size-fits-all approach will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver customised customer service and IT  solutions to organisations and businesses in Ghana focused on the outcome, tailored to you for your industry, with your priorities and your challenges. Our IT helpdesk  services range covers Ghana and West Africa.
All works are checked by  senior technical and qualified IT business staff members to ensure all solutions are not only technically excellent but fit for purpose to achieve your Outcomes. To speak to an IT expert, simply use the contact form situated at the bottom of this page to begin working with an IT company who’ll provide cost effective solutions for your business today.


Our Mision :
I.T is our Passion, Our passion Drives us to your Satisfaction

Our Vision :

Our Vision is “to assist you to focus on the benefit you want from IT.” 
We want to ensure your systems support services your goals, your growth and your users; not just focus on the technology itself. This is why we aim to make you the heart of our solution and make the Outcome work for you.
Let us get to know your Business!

Our Approach:

The mindset of a ‘one size fits all’ approach is now outdated.
We focus specifically on delivering tailored, scalable and bespoke IT expert services and software development to our clients spanning throughout Ghana. Our rentention rate is over 90% for clients that have been with us for 5+ years.
Let’s discuss your next move with your IT system today.

Our Skills: 

Cynex IT  Solutions cultivates its success with its multidisciplinary expertise in the complete process of  tertiary and industrial facility design and contracting. Our team’s specialized skills are manifested from design reviewed through project management to the final delivery of turnkey project. Most of our engineers and staffs have acted as project managers, both in-house and for various customers, interfacing with other engineering firms and contractors 

Our Drives:

Cynex IT Solutions result-oriented culture is manifested through a ‘’can do’’ spirit and is driven by:

Excellence: We take care of the details that ultimately produce ton-tier quality solutions. 
Professionalism: Our focus is on the job and client satisfaction
Efficiency: We invest time, energy and effort in careful planning and implementation.
Innovation: We encourage our team to think outside the box
Team work: We support an open exchange of information and resources with our clients and employees.
Adaptability: We ensure that, the evolving client needs are met with the highest standard.

Why choose Cynex IT Solutions

“because attaining measurable and tangible benefits  Cynex IT Solutions deliver to your business or organisation is how we measure our success.”
We pride ourselves on the quality of the end result we deliver to you. That is why all our engineers are not only highly qualified but continually recertified.


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P. O. Box mc 2127, Takoradi, Takoradi, Ghana
+233 55 253 4714